Affiliate Policy

How to Become an Affiliate?

Login -> Go to your dashboard -> Click on become a partner.

How much Commission will i get ?

As per now, you will get 40% per Sale. (2% will be deducted as payment charges) 

When will i receive my payment?

Payments will be done every week. To receive payments first you need to contact us and give your paytm or gpay details.

Please note that 2% will be deducted as payment gateway charges from your earnings


These Affiliate Terms (Policy) contain the complete terms and conditions that apply to You when becoming an affiliate in codesikho affiliate program (the “Affiliate Program”). The purpose of these Affiliate Terms is to allow You to make affiliate commissions through sales generated from Your website to Our Services in a legal manner
we have Complete right to change these policies and conditions any time. changes in policy comes in immediate effect.

Conditions for affiliates

As a member of Our Affiliate Program, You represent, warrant, and covenant that You will:
(a) Link to Our Services. You will implement the links, banners, and other means of linking Your website to Our Services i.e referral codes.

(b) Maintain Your Site: The maintenance and the updating of Your website will be Your responsibility.we may update our policy. As a member of Our Affiliate Program and because Our information is updated often, it will be necessary for You to update the Referral Materials on Your website to maintain consistency and accuracy between Our Services and the Referral Specification.

(c) Follow and Comply with All Copyright Laws: It is entirely Your responsibility to follow and comply with all applicable copyright and other laws that pertain to Your website. We will not be responsible if You use another person's copyrighted material in violation of the law.

(d) We Determine the Policies for Referred Customers: Persons who become customers of Our Services through referrals made in the Affiliate Program will be considered Our customers, at Our sole discretion. All Our terms, rules, policies, and operating procedures that apply to Our Users will apply to such referred customers.

(e) You will not promote codesikho through paid advertising or media buying that leads directly to the codesikho website (found at You will not bid on codesikho-branded keywords as an affiliate. This applies to all advertising platforms and to all affiliates unless direct approval from codesikho is granted.

(f) You will not use Our company name or variations of Our company name in your Domain Names or Social Media pages: You may not register or purchase domain names that include Our company’s name or any misspellings or variations of Our company name to run promotions as an affiliate. Additionally, you may not include Our Company name, variations of Our company name, or the look and feel of Our own social media pages on any social media pages (i.e. Facebook Fan Page) where You run promotions as an affiliate. But, you are allowed to use name such as : coupons for codesikho , "xyz" for codesikho. Which clearly defines that it is third party

(g) You will be Responsible for Your Website’s Content: Do not promote our content to those websites which are related to pornography, anti-social, or those sites which are agains Indian laws

(h) You will not mimic Our media and content: Publishers must make sure that his or her media does not copy or resemble the look and feel of the codesikho website or create the impression that Your media is part of Our company's website. You also understand that using the language found on Our pages verbatim is not allowed unless it is to describe the content found on any given course landing page.

(i) We are not responsible for what material, text and conent you are using to promote our courses. Like you may or may not use our course image and course heading and content to advertise it.

(j) You will not use any kind of virus, malware or suspicious software.

(k) You will not earn any commission by promoting free courses.

(l) If you are trying refer your self then our system will detect it and you won't receive any commission even if it is showing on your dashboard that you have earned commission. 

(m) we are not responsible if any affiliate is doing anything wrong. And we also have right to discard your payment , ban you and remove you. if you are doing anything wrong example (but not limited to) - promising wrong thing or passing wrong information regarding our site , self affiliate etc.

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