Node.js + angular websocket (chat app)

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Node.js + angular web sockets chat app In this video we will discuss about node.js websocket, it is really important to understand websocket. we will use for using websocket in node.js with express.js. We will use best coding approaches and practices that you have ever seen on youtube for ...

Creating Instagram like ads algorithm in javascript

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Creating Instagram like ads algorithm in javascript In this video we will discuss and check that how can we create our own algorithm like Facebook and Instagram to show ads between posts. we will create our Instagram like ads algorithm using javascript CHECK THE CODE BELOW: // suppose you have an ar...

Upload video to youtube from Angular 9

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Upload to youtube from angular 9 FullPlaylist: SOURCE CODE: In this video, we will see how to upload video from angular 9 to youtube in Hindi. in youtube histo...

Top 5 programming languages to Learn in 2020

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TOP 5 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES YOU SHOULD LEARN In this video we will discuss about top 5 programming languages you should learn which will help you to land a job. Python , javascript, java , flutter , dart and for ios you should learn swift programming language. So this is my list of best programming ...

Angular 9 common header and footer

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ANGULAR 9 COMMON HEADER AND FOOTER source code : CLICK HERE In this video we will see how to use common header and footer in angular 9 with best practises and along with it how to set dynamic header instead of fix header. like a different header for user and admin in angular 9....
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